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[14 Oct 2006|04:01pm]
Last night I saw the two of you together and it killed me inside. I wanted something, anything, to distract me from looking at you two. And I couldn't I kept glancing out of the corner of my eye and it killed me i hated it i hated you i hated her. You were mine you were mine not hers and now we're nothing and she's everything. and this is my fault.

I was taking the SATs and I finished my section early and i put my pencil down and my head in my arms and I thought of that picture I took of you, where you had my jacket on over your head and your arms were crossed and I caught you in mid-laugh. I thought about how my friend said you were really buff and it made me laugh. I thought about how in love with that picture I was. And then I thought about how much I loved you, and I smiled.

Nothing will ever change.
But I am moving on.
the best of me

THE FUNNIEST STORY OF MY LIFE!! [02 Apr 2005|09:33pm]
[ mood | amused ]

x AuT oN PoT 6 9 (9:29:07 PM): tell a funny story.
EnjoyIncubus951 (9:31:11 PM): well once upon a time there was a friends of joels. his name was...James Mathew...and nobody thought that he would get laid. but then he met a girl. one taht joel had gone out with before. lets call her...fall...and he got laid.
EnjoyIncubus951 (9:31:13 PM): the end
EnjoyIncubus951 (9:31:16 PM): fucker

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mmm cardboard [02 Apr 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

last night was grand.
celeste came over & we watched the notebook & ate burned popcorn (another of my awesome recipes) & baked cookiessss.
yeah, so im pretty sure i cried at the end of the notebook because it just made me think things over?
haha but then we listened to awesome music & talked & then we went to sleep.
this morning we went to a Starving Artists show & saw ANALISA & it was crazy. there were many pretty things i wanted but i cant spend money right now due to the fact that im leaving next weekend to go on the spring trip for choir.
we saw like 390568340 people @ the mall including Sophie & Aurora & i found it quite amusing. i also thought it was funny when i found cardboard in my sesame chicken from that new Toyko place they have? Yeah, its shit.
Then we tried on dresses and my mom picked us up & Celeste went bye bye and is now resting at home.
iii, on the other hand, went to meet Jon Michael at the bowling alley but i guess i was late because by the time i got there he had to leave. so i hung out with him for a total of five minutes & we drove him home while he was pulling/yanking/messing/playing with my hair. yeah, he's a grand kid.
a certain person was supposed to call me last night but they didnt.
& i dont think they ever will.
i dont want to sit around and listen to your stupid explanation of why you picked her over me again for the third time. i dont want to hear how happy you are with her and how you're glad i ended things between us. i dont want to hear it.
but at the same time i really want to know what it is about her that seems to captivate you in the way it does. i wanna know what makes her special.
but you're with her right now and youre never going to call.
dont say you need to talk to me by leaving a fucking comment in my livejournal and then blow me off.
you're an idiot
random rant, sorry.
that is all.
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APRIL FOOLS! [01 Apr 2005|05:07pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

ahhh im kinda bored..
tonight's going to be fun, though. i just have to ask my grandma to make sure its okay??
me & celeste havent had a sleep over in uhm, ohh say about a year?? a little over??
its long overdueee with our yummy watery hot chocolate, heck yes!
today was good. i had history with derek & austin & sometimes i just kinda wanna punch in their faces but in a good way. because they're my friends. and i hit my friends sometimes...but not hard. since im weak & stuff.
tomorrow is bowling!!! who's excited?!
oh thats right! moi!
*dances happily*
i get to see jon michael & that shall be fun! :)
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hey you guuuuys [31 Mar 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i thought i'd let everyone know that derek got his hair cut & wow.
just wow.

things have been horrible lately.
stuff's been said and things (stupid things) have been done that have hurt people and its really starting to piss me off.
but whatever.
tomorrow's friday!
girls night out!
if miss pee pee hands can goo...
okay well this is it.
i'll update tomorrow i guess.
and stay on this name until everyone notices i got a new LiveJournal...??
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[28 Mar 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

it's a secret hiding place you should know about..

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HAPPY EASTER!!! [27 Mar 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | artsy/tired? ]

okay so im beyond tired.
this morning i woke up pretty late...which is odd cause i went to sleep really early since jimmy darling fell asleep on the phone with me. (hey thanks.)
so we went to my grandmas for Easter Brunch i guess you could say & then we headed downtown & walked around for awhile which was grand fun. today was a pretty day and such and i liked being out. :)
This morning i got an amusing voice message from somebody...not sure who yet but i think i have a clue?? im not as stupid as i may seem, you know...
right now im waiting for my mom and sister to get back because we're all going to the Dollar Theatre like the dorkuses we are...to go see Finding Neverland because i've been wanting to see that for, uhm, ever?? Yeah.

well thats all i can think of right now.
im pretty brain dead.
happy easter you guys!! much love.


"i just want you to know who i am."

the best of me

i can only imagine. [26 Mar 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so random..
felt like writing my entry today
so here you go

sometimes i think about youCollapse )

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IM NOT YOUR FUCKING MOM. [25 Mar 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

tonight was marvelous. =)
hung out with a certain someone & had an extremely fun time.

this wee bit was written by arianne. cause shes AWESOME. and she owns everything.

tonight was marvelous (as i said already)
& i had a lot of fun hanging out with him. :)
& of course Celeste & Arianne are just the most awesome people in the world & i love them dearlyy.

The Ring 2 sucked horribly.
But we got a free movie passes?? it was sweet.

p.s. i love doing the mexican cup dance...or i love watching JM do it, haha
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i'll just sit & wait for you because that's what im used to. [25 Mar 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | pissed/tired/meh/excited?? ]

today we had a day off from school which was good. i dont think i could have taken anymore of this stressing-out-over-my-grades business.
fuck mr. kerestes...ohhh how i despise him. or maybe i should feel sorry for him. poor guy prolly isnt married therefore he prolly has no sex life.

last night was meh. i stayed at my grandmas and watched half of the notebook (again) because that is just the most awesome movie in the whole wide world. too bad a guy would probably never love a girl like he loved her. if i could find a guy like Noah or something...holy shat i'd piss my pants. (no...not really.)
today im supposed to go to the quarry and that shall be fun...hopefully more fun than last time (if thats even possible.) HECK YES FOR CHIPS & QUESO!!! *dances merrily*

im feeling nice today, you guys.
i hope you all have a lovely, lovely day. :)

"You're a terrible singer...but i like this song."

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nice shoes, wanna fuck?? [20 Mar 2005|02:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

donnie darko, drinking starbucks, acting ghetto (and stupid), catching up, late night drives, $20 concert tickets, looking at San Antonio from the top level of the garage parking lot at north star mall, freezing to death, dropping off barbie dolls, marilyn manson, hair cuts, crumbled stolen cookies, complimentary water, the diary of a mad black woman, watching two pandas have sex, chips and queso from chili's, having the house to myself, watching people get manipulated into killing themselves (fun movie, huh?), 2am phone converstions, truth or dare, 20 questions, new friends, old friends, being broke.

spring break 'o5...
what a blast.

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dont be a pussy. [20 Mar 2005|11:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

im so.
like you would not believe.
(thanks to  JM for keeping me on the phone till about 2am...)

uhmmm yeah.
last night was fun i guess...in that weird im-still-kinda-bored kind of way. nobody could do anything so i went to Casey's VBall game with my sister & her boyfriend...and i watched 3rd-6th graders run around the court screaming. Meh. Not so fun. Then it started thundering & lightning...even less fun. But afterwards we got pizza?? & Pizza is always good =)


boy...is it on.

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this is the good shit, bitch. [19 Mar 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | good ]

the past two days have been kind of boring...=\ i've been stuck inside all day & we all know that that is never fun. last night we went to the mall (again) & then we went to Blockbuster and i rented Ju-On (the japanese version of the grudge?? pfft LAME) & The Princess Diaries 2 which i still havent finished watching.
Yeah, we went to target & we bought The Incredibles & The Notebook & that just totally made my night.

ARiANNE iS BACK iN TOWN!!!! i feel like i haven't seen her in about 34873984579287 years or so...haha. i should call her to see if she wants to chillax (i think i'm supposed to go with her and chucks anyway...)

Last night Jimmy boyy called, haha. We stayed on the phone for a good hour & a half. Yep, he's a cool kid when he's not threatening to beat me like i'm his wife or something??
well...this is all for now.
spring break is almost over you guys...monday we go back to school.
more update later.
ta ta!

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austin <3s loren! =) [18 Mar 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | i wish my hair would die. ]

SevenSeasOfRhye2 (1:23:21 PM): Austin :"Loren, go away! I'm with someone else!"
Loren :"No you're not! We're in love! Remember, you told me you loved me!"
Austin :"I never said that! YOU said it! You were like, "I'm Austin and I love you Loren!"... that doesn't seem to me like I said that."
Loren :"Yes you did! I wrote it in my pink journal! I only write the most important things that I really think are nice in their. The pink journal doesn't lie!"
Austin :"Loren, please leave me alone. I don't even know, or want to, how you found out where i was going on my date. That's really freaky."
Loren :"I bugged your phone... but that's not whats important! What is important is our undying love."
Austin :"Loren, our 'undying' love is dead.
Loren :"Hey you dirty whore keep your hands off of him!"
Austin's date :"Uh, whatever... Austin, I'll be over at our table when your done fighting with this tramp."
Loren :"Yea, stupid anus. Walk away! Good, we're alone, let's go behind the restraunt and make out!"
Austin:"Loren, how about YOU go behind the restaraunt, I'll finish my date, and then I'll meet you back there."
Loren :"Really!? OK, I'll be waiting for you there!"
Austin (to his date):"OK, she's gone, lets go to another restaurant before she comes back."
    ^ ^ oh, he loves her. he really, really does.

x AuT oN PoT 6 9 (1:28:44 PM): you know she's the love of your life.
SevenSeasOfRhye2 (1:28:47 PM): ugh
x AuT oN PoT 6 9 (1:28:54 PM): :-D
SevenSeasOfRhye2 (1:29:05 PM): do you wsant me to write ANOTHER story about how shes the love of my love
SevenSeasOfRhye2 (1:29:08 PM): life*
x AuT oN PoT 6 9 (1:29:12 PM): nonono thats okay lol but thanks anyway!
SevenSeasOfRhye2 (1:29:16 PM): good
SevenSeasOfRhye2 (1:29:21 PM): i only write nonfiction anyway

he's my best friend, i swear.
AUSTUMREN LIVES ON!!!!! (heck yes)

the best of me

[17 Mar 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i guess it's back to those old days again...sitting on my roof and staring off into no where wishing that you were sitting next to me.
&, of course, you won't be thinking of me like you always do.

my dad & sister left for corpus so now it's just me & my mom in this house. it seems kinda empty now, heh.
today i went to the cheesecake factory with my mom and grandma and aunt and there was this really cute waiter guy. haha, like reallyyy cute and my aunt thought he'd be nice for me. helllllllll yes he would. ;)
then we came back home & i took a quick nap and thennn we went back to the mall and i bought only the coolest shirt ever from hot topic. i'm wearing it monday so you all will be able to see it. =D

well i just rented Saw so i think i'm going to go watch it now.
there will be another update tomorrow!!
ta ta <33

the best of me

(insert catchy subject here) [16 Mar 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i got my hair cut today & it's sooo freaking short.
=( i keep wanting to flip it...but then i realize how impossible that is??
kathryn's hair looks mighty cute, though.

so i saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman today & uhm, i love cracking jokes to that movie?? haha. it was mad awesome.
& i got my queso & cookie (a bit crumbled and pieces kept falling everywhere??) & it was quite...good. i <3 cookies from THE CAFE THAT ARENT HOMEMADE.
"..hey autumn? do you have the tickets?"
"tickets for what?"
"the gun shoooooww.."

how cool am i??
yeah, i know. very.
Today was good. had a lot of fun. woop woop!!!!

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[15 Mar 2005|09:59pm]
i think i'm getting scared that you & i really are over.
after the final word, that will be it.
the relationship we had will be nonexistent and all those promises you ever made me will be broken.
tell me honestly...
what am i going to do without you?
what am i going to do now that i can't think about you or call you or look at you?
i guess we aren't strong enough.
i thought that maybe after awhile...we could work at it again. i thought we could help each other through this.
you can't give up.
if we both give up that's it.
who's going to be the one to convince me that we're perfect?
who's going to be the believer in this relationship?
maybe you and i weren't worth it. maybe this isn't the way it's supposed to work out. maybe you're supposed to be with some beautiful girl who will make you feel ten times greater than i ever did. & maybe i'll be with some guy that will never amount to you.
but we'll both be happy.
& all i want is for you to be happy...so if that means giving you up forever then fine.
i give up, darling, & i hope that i survive without you...
because i know you'll be just fine.
5 can have| the best of me

<33 [14 Mar 2005|11:16pm]
[ mood | can i get a woop woop?? ]

so i guess it was kind of worth it...=\ we saw Man of the House & that movie just sucked ass but i got to see ross (who i hadn't seen in, uhm, about a year??) & of course that was splendid. after that we drove jenn to lauren's house & then ross took me home (while having an interesting discussion...o.0) too bad i didn't get to see manny =( that was the one thing i was looking forward to all spring break...meh. whatever. tonight was just grand. =)

the best of me

okay they better be worth it [14 Mar 2005|06:44pm]
[ mood | restless ]

manny just called & asked if i wanted to do something..
& of course i said no b/c i was doing something with ross and jenn
even though i technically made plans with manny before.
ross & jenn better be fucking worth it
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"...what's a fuckface?" [13 Mar 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

so today was just awesome.
last night i was on the phone with josh until, like, 3:30 in the morning. i got to know him better & that was fun. :)

thenn i woke up at like 12:30 (from lack of sleep b/c of JOSH lol) and ate my tacossss & went shopping. and i found two new skirts i have on hold and my mommy bought me an extra cute one from fast forward.

i talked to jenn on the phone for awhile as well & then i headed over to her house and we went to michaels where i saw GABI! to watch donnie darko. haha before we went to starbucks & we had her dad take a ghetto picture of the two of us. i hadn't actually hung out with jenn in awhile and it was nice to finally spend time with one of my best friends. :)

i should call em back but it's late so i guess i'll just call her in the morning.
in the mean time i'm hungry so i'm gonna go eat.
much love, tata

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